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During the past 3 months I have moved slowly from simulation trading to live trading. I have been trading on a daily basis and have not experienced a losing day over the past 60 days while trading either in a simulation mode or on my live account. I have been able to meet or exceed my daily goals EVERY day. On days when I do have a losing trade I am able to make another trade to get me to my goal. I trade CL, GC and the NQ contracts and normally trade before the 9:30ET market open (I normally trade from 5-9CST). In most days I have been able to meet my daily goal prior to the morning open of the markets. Today (8/18/17), my first trade was with GC around the 8:00 timeframe and I made my daily goal with that first trade. As of my writing this email I have made five trades in either GC or NQ and have profits exceeding $1k. I attempt to follow your trade rules as published on your site. Using your system as a basis for entering a trade I have seldom had a losing trade or a trade drawdown of a multiple contract trade exceeding $100/contract. When a trade does move against me your system provides sufficient information to allow me to either adjust the trade or to get out/reverse the trade before it results in a large loss.

I look forward to continuing the success I have had with your software.


George B from Minnesota

Unedited email from Gregg

I have been with mike almost 7 years and I moderated the room for a while before going to costa rica to live and fish. I have been back almost a year now and returned to trading which I have been doing for 20 years. I have had so many different systems and indicators I think I have lost count. Anyway the reason I am writing this letter is to tell you that the latest release from Dimension Trader is the best I have ever seen, today is March 21 2017 and I am up over 90,000 dollars for the month. The system is so simple to look at yet so complex on the inside.

If you follow the rules about trading with the trend and let your profits run, which is so important I cant even describe to u how important this is most people get into a trade and as soon as they are profitable they look to get out, you have to let your winners run otherwise you will not make the big gains that we see on the charts.

With this system you are going to miss some trades but this is okay, if u have a little patience the trades will come to you, when they do don’t hesitate, pull the trigger, when you hit your first target move your other targets   out of the way and just adjust your stop order as the price moves in your direction this way you can make twenty to forty ticks on some of these huge moves. If any of you would like to speak to me about how I trade my number is 772 xxx xxxx thanks Gregg K

Gregg K, Florida
I couldn't be Happier with the product and the service I have received. If you have a minute I would like to tell my story. I have been studying trading since 2005 and bought every dang indicator and method that was out there. Every 6 weeks I would have to send more money to my broker to top up my account. Last December I purchased the full package from John & Big Mikeand was ever so skeptical. I had promised myself that if this didn't work then I would give up forever becoming a successful trader. I am a 71 year old bus driver and never finished high school because my Dad got sick and I had to stay home and help with the business. So I managed to pass from grade 10 to 11 but only because the teachers liked me and they pushed me through.  We lost Dad and I continued to help Mom for a couple years with the business then she sells the business and retires and I carry on my way, became a bus driver and still working at age 70. When I bought Dimension Trader trading software, Big Mike loaded my system up for me on Boxing Day, can you believe that!! So all is going fine and I'm finally starting to become consistent on sim. Because of no formal schooling and being 71 by now it takes me a long time. I’m not good with computers but I can buy and sell. What else do you need right? August 28th of this year I made a bad decision on my John Deere tractor and rolled it and wind up in the hospital for 53 days. Once out of the hospitalI had to start all over again. Big Mike see's that I'm having trouble doing updates and calls me up and does it for me and loads everything. I started live trading again on the 17th of November trading the NQ with 1 to 2 lots and in another month I will call my Bus company Manager and tell him i am now a trader. I would be happy to speak with anyone about Dimension Trader and their products. Just contact John and he will give you my telephone and/or Skype number.  ..oh by the way, I am a Proud Canadian still recovering from rolling my tractor but finally trading successfully.
Donald A from Canada
I have been a full time day trader since 2001when I started trading stocks and options.  In 2010 I wanted to trade Futures so I began a search for excellent Futures Trading opportunities.  After many failures I discovered Mike Green and Dimension Trader.  I have used the system since 2012 and every year Mike Green makes the indicators he provides better and better.  I now use a Conservative setup with existing indicators and if I use my brain and watch the indicators my success rate is almost 100%.  I only get a few trades per morning (I only Trade in the mornings CST) but most all trades are winners or break even.  I will always show anyone who joins Dimension Trader how I trade.  In fact all of the Traders share and help each other out with Trading.  I have spent lots of money and time on Trading Systems and this is the only one that worked and I can Trade the E-mini, Oil, Gold, Silver, Nasdaq or any Futures Market I want
Just a quick note. Since I've been a part of the Dimension Trader community my trading has improved consistently and has been profitable. The best way I can express my confidence with how well the software works is to quote you about the software "Just keeps on working" and the software does. Thanks for all you do. I have been constantly making goal with (CL) and more with usually less than three trades since the last update of Dimension Pro. I can't believe how much your software and daily financial forecasts have improved my trading and confidence. Thanks again, Your The Best.
Emile G - Florida
I am writing this testimonial for two reasons:1) to help Mike Green and Dimension Trader because of how much they helped me and 2) to help struggling traders which is what I was before I made the best trading decision of my six year career and purchased the DT program. Allow me to briefly tell you why DT is better and different then other programs. 1) there are numerous videos to go into the depth that you want to go to understand the movement and behavior of the market. 2) the indicators do what they are supposed to do and that is give you a powerful edge - period. 3) trading can be lonely and the DT community is terrific, There is an orientation room to listen and participate in 3X per week, there is an insiders club that is phenomenal, and Mike, G, Mike H. Trader Gregg and Cameron are around, responsive and genuinely want to see you succeed. 4) The learning curve is short enough for you to be cash positive so that you can patiently, diligently learn, grow and develop your trading skill. The 5th and probably best reason to join is Mike Green TRADES REAL MONEY with the same program that you will have. It took me 18 months to finally pull the trigger and purchase the DT program, don't make that same mistake. 
David W from NYC

Since 2011 I have been using Dimension Trader Software with the many accurate Signals and Indicators. 
Over the years I have bought dozens of Trading software, all promising me great fortune.
After many years I finally figured it out, I needed to find a honest company to work with and learn how to trade.
Dimension Trader is that company. There software is the best I ever bought and they offer continuing education on trading and using their software.
So after many years of looking for the holy grail, I found Dimension Trader. It's not the holy grail, but I did learn how to trade and reach my goals.
I consistently make money each week trading Oil and Gold. Before I had their software my trading was marginal. Now I make money every week.
Thanks to the Dimension Trader team! Their support is second to none.
Robert B

Houston, TX

I have invested in numerous trading tools over the years, and none has provided a tradable method that I could profitably use.  Dimension Trader tools and training have given me the elusive edge I need to be consistently profitable. 

James B.


“I can honestly say I spent years looking for a system that did what the developer said it will do, even just half of what they normally would claim....And until now it was a total waste of time and money. Thank you Cameron, You nailed this one right on the head, and the software met my expectations. Thank you for introducing me to Easy trader, it not only met my expectations, it actually does exactly what it’s developer claims it will do. We are an ongoing working progress and this is what excites me. You are honest about what the system can do and realistic about setting client expectations....Thanks to you, I feel I can actually build a future, trading.”

Ed .D

New Zealand 

By the way, I must tell you that I love the flexibility of all the indicators.”

 Keith A.


 “I am new to the Futures market, but traded Forex previously trying various systems and products from different providers. I have found Dimension Trader and their products to be a real win-win combination. The software provides high probability entry signals with a host of verification indicators that I can choose from to create a chart the fits my eye and comfort zone. This combined with continuous training, product improvement and a family atmosphere within the company has finally given me the trading combination I’ve been looking for.”

Ralph L.


I have been following this system for about 6 weeks now and really like what I see and am making money with it.

Gary P.


"I am happy to take this opportunity to endorse Mike Green's EasyTrader software.  Over the last few years I have been exposed to and purchased an embarrassing quantity of software and training programs and have finally found one that I'm confident will enable me to be a successful trader. Mike has a genuine desire to share his trading insight, techniques and time. The software is incredibly powerful and although there are suggested proven trade plans the software allows individual traders to personalize a plan according to their style and level of expertise. But even a person new to trading can get up to speed quite quickly. I've also found to my delight this is not a "hook 'em and up sell 'em later" program.  Mike as well as other owners are very willing to share new trading "adjustments" in order cultivates a community of successful traders. I'm glad to be a part of the program."

 Jim L.


My experience with Dimension Trader and all the people involved has been only positive.  Trading is a very personal journey of actually mastering yourself, but having the right tools to do a job is imperative.  I found that in their software package.  The insight of the direction of the market that their indicators give is remarkable.  Yes, you have to know support and resistant areas, news events, and overall feel of the market, but their software gives you the confidence to pull the trigger on a trade or stay out. I would not trade the E-mini’s without it anymore.

Kathryn S.


I have spent $10K plus, and months, trying to find a program with live proof that actually works. In my desperation due to unemployment I came across Dimension Trader.  Dimension trader teaches you independence; not dependence on a canned program.  Real caring is in teaching independence by an ever improving product with constant support and contact.  You are not left alone to fend for yourself, and that is the REAL VALUE. Thank you.

Dana K.


I want to tell you how much I am enjoying and learning by being in the Dimension Trader training room every morning.  I have not seen any other program that offers such a wide range of options to fit every trader's needs, but especially the Easy Trader Signal Alert. For me that has been a tremendous time saver in being able to trade more effectively  in a shorter period of time. Thanks!

“3 good trades with Golden Compass and reached goal!” 

Dani L.

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