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What we are about

Welcome to Dimension Trader. We offer three distinct trading methods systems for beginning traders as well as seasoned traders.

If you have been seeking a quality company offering quality Ninjatrader indicators as complete trading methods and systems, you have found it now!  We are not selling indicators but complete trading methods!

Our trading methods are used by new traders as well as seasoned traders who make their livelihood trading. If you are new to trading we offer our daily Training Room complimentary to our traders along with numerous training videos and manuals in our online Members Area.

Every market day we hold our Mike and Mike Morning Outlook Show.  We take 15 minutes to review overnight new, news reports and over 8 markets using market profile analysis.

We hold training and orientation classes on Tuesday and Wednesday every week.

Lastly, we conduct four meetings a month just for owners to further educate them on how to use our software.

We offer a wide range of products ranging from our Fibonacci trading indicators to our trend trader indicators which make up our NinjaTrader trading systems. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service along with our products at reasonable prices.


Dimension 8

This is our flagship product and includes all of our indicators and methods.  Easy Trader, MOJO Trader and Direction Master.  Also includes auto traders for Easy Trader.  The auto traders for MOJO Trader and Direction Master are a add-on optional at a special discount.


Now Included with Dimension 8

This is our mid level product and includes all indicators required for MOJO Trader and Direction Master.  Also includes auto traders for MOJO Trader and Direction Master. Can be upgraded to Easy Trader Pro.


Now Included with Dimension 8

This is our entry level product and includes all indicators required for Direction Master. Includes auto trader for Direction Master. Can be upgraded to MOJO Trader Pro or Easy Trader Pro.


Order Flow

DOF is comparable to products costing much more.  It keeps track of actual orders executed in the market and dynamically develops powerful support and resistance action areas.

Dimension Trader


Why we are better?

We're traders, we're developers, and we want to help you succeed.

Since the mid 70's trading stocks and futures was my hobby.  Back then I was to busy working and building companies and putting my kids through college.  After I sold my last big company in 1992, my wife and I started an executive recruiting company and did quite well. After 911 the business went south.  That is when I decided to start trading full time.  "Turned my hobby into my vocation and into my business". I started looking for something good to buy (like most other "want to be traders" do!).  I spent almost $200,000 buying software. Nothing worked, so it's all in the round can. We needed a better solution – we needed trading indicators that actually work so  I decided the only way to get what I wanted was to develop it myself so we took the task upon ourselves. So Dimension Trader was born in late 2001. We invested tens of thousands of hours dissecting charts and identifying patterns, studying code and developing algorithms. Then thousands more trying to disprove our own findings through back-testing, optimizations, and real-life use by dozens of institutional traders across asset classes. The result is a collection of superior trading indicators that are powerful, accurate, and unlike any you've used before. We’ve grown from a single product "ZONETRADER" into a full product line suitable for any style of trader. We've grown from helping a handful of traders to working with hundreds of traders worldwide. What we are most proud of is helping these  individuals become successful traders. When you join us you will be in "Good Company"

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If you have any questions about our products or what you need to get started trading with our software, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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